2014 New Summer Staff and Volunteer Application

Complete this form if you have never been on the World Fellowship Center staff

Before completing this application, please read our information pages so that you have a sense of life at the World Fellowship Center. If you have any doubt that you will be able to live and work in community in a rural place and do the work required or that you may not be able to honor our guidelines, please reconsider applying.

The World Fellowship Center is committed to staff diversity. We encourage people of any age (18 or over), gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation, and spiritual belief to apply.

Complete this New Summer Staff and Volunteer Application and submit it when you're finished! Required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). 4/17/2014 - We have just discovered that our website/email system was sending applications directly to Andy's 'deleted' file. This is terrible! He's finding them now and working on hiring. We try to complete hiring by April 30. Applications received later will be considered if openings are still available.

Personal Information
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Choose the work option(s) you prefer and indicate your availability:

FULL-TIME (Full-time staff work up to 40 hours per week for 4-10 weeks, receive a stipend ($150/week for most new General Staff), and may stay in a bunk house or bring a tent to camp. We give preference to people who can stay for the full season. The start date for most positions is in late June or early July, however it depends on the type of work.)

Desired start date (first day of work): 

Proposed last day of work: 

(if you are arriving from outside the US, please be sure to plan time for travel to follow your WF departure date. We need to know that you will be on site through the date you indicate).

or PART-TIME (Part-time staff work 30 hours a week for less than 4 weeks, do not receive a stipend. Depending on availability, they may stay in a bunk house or tent. They fulfill roles without which the camp and conference center could not function.)

If neither of these options are possible for you, we do have a limited number of short term (two week minimum), part-time only positions available. If you are interested in being considered for one of these openings, please indicate your availability:

Please note: The earliest arrival date is in June and the season ends in mid-September.

* Are you a US Citizen? no yes
* If not, do you have a Green Card or J-1 visa from an accredited agency or other legal working papers? noyes
* Do you have any criminal convictions? noyes
* If "yes", please give details:
*What is your current occupation:
Have you ever lived in a community before? noyes
If yes, which one?
How did you find out about Summer employment at World Fellowship? (If a previous staff member referred you please include their name so we can thank them.)
* The jobs and community life at World Fellowship require physical and mental stamina. Do you have a condition of any kind that could keep you from fulfilling these requirements?
no   yes
If "yes", please explain:
Please mark all areas of professional experience and proficiency.
professional cooking cash register
Level: customer service/sales
waitperson/barista maintenance
CHILD CARE/SAFETY describe skill:
child care/teaching automotive
certified lifeguard flower gardening
RN/LPN/EMT/first aid yard work
youth empowerment general handy work
OFFICE carpentry
customer service vegetable gardening or farming
office administration housekeeping
computers video/audio equipment setup
You MUST include the following with your application:
*1) A resume (or list your last two work situations - could include teachers with whom you have worked); include work references with telephone numbers.
* 2) Give us an example of how you positively contributed to your last work experience (limit 2 paragraphs).
* 3) Tell us why you would like to work at World Fellowship. How would working at World Fellowship fit into your life path? What do you bring to the community that would benefit others? (limit 2 paragraphs)
World Fellowship serves mostly vegetarian (not vegan) food, including as much organic produce as we can grow.
Do you have specific dietary restrictions? no yes
If "yes" please describe:
World Fellowship Center has very limited designated smoking areas. Are you able to live and work in a mostly non-smoking environment?noyes.
By submitting this form, you are giving your consent for World Fellowship to contact any work references supplied by you in this application. By submitting this form you also acknowledge: working and living at World Fellowship is rigorous and designed for emotionally and physically healthy individuals. It is not a therapeutic program for individuals with acute conditions. By signing below you acknowledge that you have represented yourself accurately and are at least 18 years of age. You understand that withholding information can lead to the termination of your employment at World Fellowship.
We will begin contacting applicants in April.